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This page is dedicated to my AGA family, both near and far. Many of these photos were generously shared via a FB group called ‘I Love my AGA!”.  This amazing group is a wonderful community of fun, kind, and generous AGA people from many countries.

The members of the ‘I Love my AGA!’ group have graciously shared photos of their homes and AGA kitchens, their recipes and anecdotes, their cooking triumphs and yes, even their occasional flops.  Whether a beginner or long time AGA owner, you can ask any question here.  It is guaranteed that you will receive loads of friendly advice on recipes and techniques, food photos, humor, shared experiences, AGA accessories, and a view into some of the most lovely homes and families I have ever known.

I encourage my AGA customers in the states to join this group as I am sure you will find it an invaluable resource for ‘all things AGA’, all while making new friends as I have.

•  Feel free to send us any photos you wish to share.  I will post new ones as they come in and rotate the ones I have (there are a lot!) so this page will be changing and growing periodically.

•  Also, I only want use photos with their owner’s permission, so if there are any on here that slipped through the cracks, please advise and I will remove them promptly.