About Us

I was introduced to AGA in 1993 and I have been completely smitten since. Creekstone Cookers, LLC was born in 2004 and is fueled by a desire to share my love of these iconic ranges.

In addition to my passion for AGA Cookers, I have been a custom kitchen designer for well over two decades. Cardea Home, LLC is a boutique kitchen and bath design studio, providing both design and products for your residential living spaces. Please see the Cardea Home site for more information.

As a kitchen designer and an AGA specialist, my focus is to create the backdrops for your family memories: the birthdays and graduations, the long talks over cups of coffee, the scrabble games and the book reports. These are important family experiences that become important family memories, and I take that responsibility seriously. Kitchens are the stage to so much more than food storage and preparation, they are the beating heart of the home.  That means my biggest priority is creating a space that brings you home. And after twenty years of designing kitchens, I am convinced that nothing does this quite as well as an AGA.

With even more models to choose from, AGA has a cooker for practically every lifestyle. Available in several sizes, varying fuel choices, and striking colors, AGA makes it easy to find the perfect range for you.

Coming home never tasted so good!

Laurie Lehrich currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

She is the proud owner of Creekstone Cookers, an AGA shop, and Cardea Home, a boutique kitchen and bath studio.